"Let New Town be New Town" Let New Town be New Town; let us lift our voices! Oh, we settled the question 145 years ago, we made New Town our choice. Let the praises ring out! Our history we do tell That New Town is still here, and we are alive and well! Let us lift our hands in praise today: stand to our feet and proudly say! "That we have stood the test, andwe are here to stay" " We wear the armor of God; we are protected 'til the end! That was settled in 1865 when the church first began. New Town will remain New Town; our purpose is the same to reach the masses everywhere and to praise His name! For we have a "charge to keep, a God to glorify !" We will serve the Lord, and serve Him 'til we die! We've fought many battles; we survived and did not fall! Because we are a church where "Everybody is somebody and God is the Father of us all." We will be true to our founders; we will be true to God. For "Upon this Rock" they built this church, and by faith we still trod. Let New Town be New Town; let the church rejoice. We settled that 145 years ago, and New Town is still our choice. We are proud of our past, let our future tell That New Town is trimphant, and we are alive and Well, and Well and Well! Written By: Mary P Micou

Rev. Derrick Williams Sr.

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. PROVERBS ch3 v5-6

New Town M.B. Church

Where everybody is somebody and God is the Father of us all

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